Level 3

These luxurious, high powered systems feature higher
UVA output for a deeper, darker, longer lasting tan. All
Level 3 equipment feature adjustable high output UVA
facial lamps. This results in a deep, dark, golden brown
tan, without the fear of burning normally associated with
UVB rays found in the lower level beds.
All Level 3 units feature quick 12 minute session times,
built in surround sound systems and multi speed full
body cooling for a more comfortable, music rich environ-
ment, putting them on top of other salons best equipment.

Prefer doing it standing up? Our Level 3 equipment
include the highest output stand-up units on the
market. A special blend of UVA light allows these
units to produce the darkest tan possible in just a
quick 7 minute session time. It doesn’t get any
faster than this!