Level 5

The darkest tan possible and a tanning experience that
is second to none is what can be found in all of South
Beach Tanning Company’s High pressure tanning units.
Immersed in light and seemingly suspended in air, the
luxurious tanning experience showers your body with
golden bronzing rays that feel just like the sun, while
the high powered fans cool your body like an ocean
breeze. After your session is over, your beautiful golden
bronze glow will continue to darken for hours after
your session is over.

All our high pressure tanning units put out nearly 99%
UVA light (the bronzing rays) and 1% UVB (the redden-
ing rays). This results in the darkest tan possible of any
equipment on the market and you can maintain your
tan in as little as 2 – 3 sessions per month. And because
of the very low UVB percentage, customers with very
fair complexions are able to develop a tan in these
units without as much risk of burning.