Nathan Shedd on Nov 13, 2021
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Friendly and professional staff. Darby was very informative and patient with me as I asked questions. Thanks Darby!

Amy Porter on Sep 17, 2021
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Liz Giunta on Aug 23, 2021
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Holly Terek on May 28, 2021

Be very careful about what you're getting charged, apparently there's some glitch in the system that overcharges. The manager is supposed to credit me tomorrow. Overall the staff is friendly, but their specials/deals/prices can be confusing and I had to ask several questions to get them to explain. I didn't know what a bonus buck is and I'm still not sure I do!? They just seemed rushed, or they expect you to know how it all works and I don't. When I did the math on my bill, the tax wasn't coming out correctly. I could tell the girl was getting frustrated and finally another girl said they use 10% tax, okay that would've saved us all a headache if she just told me that, because I was using 6% tax. I still like it there but I'm not going to be afraid to ask questions or question my bill. I have a health condition that makes me have to stop and think a moment to process, so I wish they'd slow down and let you figure out what you're doing.

Rhonda English on May 19, 2021
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