Julie Davis on May 15, 2020
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A Beautiful & Clean, Relaxing Environment

Shannan Sutton on May 02, 2020

Nothing but kind and helpful employees. They are very knowledgeable about beds and products. Just a note to people from previous post anything of value lock it in your car or put it in your purse. Common sense people.

Mike Vaughn on May 14, 2020
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Friendly staff, clean beds, and the bulbs are excellent! Even if you do the entry level beds or upgrade, they all provide you with a solid tan 💪🏻

Jodie Greenfield on Apr 22, 2020

if someone could please have Brian Hibbard Call me. for a week he has dodged me and wont return my calls or messages via any social media accounts. a few weeks ago Brain and his conartist friend Joe Sold me 5 tanning beds that they had taken from briams other just gonna say it they ripped me off . and now they wanna play the no answer game. luckily Brian was running the forklift and loaded the beds onto my penskey truck so I got to meet him . he actually stopped the forklift and he and I had few words at first because he stated he wasnt loading another bed til joe confirm he had his money. I took great offense to that comment considering I had already paid more than $8k and did not have one bed ... to my understanding brian hides behind joe when selling this broken unfixable junk beds for thousands on ebay. well UNFORTUNATELY Joe is bum. and has nothing. and luckily I got th o meet Brian and know they were his beds and my money went to him. therefore hes being held accountable. I'll be posting pictures and videos if I dont have a call by noon tomorrow. not only that I'll be making sure the state of Florida is aware mr Hibbard is making thousands and thousands a d not reporting it our government. hes an account. so I'm positive he knows better. please cal ne mr Brain Hibbard. or I'll be booking a flight to flordia. thank u.

Adelle Reardon on May 14, 2020
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During this trying time where we are seeing a virus sweep through our nation, I was extremely pleased to meet Taylor T, A staff member here at South Beach tanning company. I felt safe watching her work diligently to make sure each and every bed and the remainder of the facility is kept spotless and disinfected. Normally, I would avoid a tanning salon during this time but due to her hard work and dedication, my fears lay dormant and I will continue to visit this facility.

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