Lucy Lu on Jan 31, 2023

They have the best tanning beds.

Randi Chase on Oct 31, 2022
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I have literally never wrote a review before but I had to simply because of Kennedy. Idk if she's the manager or what but she is the sweetest human I have ever met. Not only does she have a smile that could light up a room instantly, she's also very knowledgeable and overall, such a good person. Please protect her at all costs <3 and give her a raise!!! -xoxoxoxo Randi

Anna Christina Russo on May 21, 2020

Kimberly Marston Raleigh on Aug 17, 2020

Great location, good space. Friendly people and helpful

Kevee Darts on Jul 27, 2022
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I drive more than 30 minutes just to get there. I pass a tanning business on the way there; but it is so worth the drive The manager Kennedy is just wonderful! I have been in many businesses and I have never dealt with someone that is so nice, knowledgeable, and passionate about her job. She is a asset to this business. I will be a customer here for a long time because of her.

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