J Smith on Dec 27, 2022
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Great shop and great pricing. I luckily got in on the unlimited tanning for the month and I’ve been getting my tan-on!

Shannon White on Aug 14, 2022

The manager Desiree was so sweet when I came in and explained to her my disruption about just moving here. Def recommend here to other people

Kelly Goins on Jun 18, 2022
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I have been tanning here for years and I love it. I’ve never had to wait for a bed, the staff is always friendly, helpful and courteous. (Shout out to Whitney!) They’re knowledgeable about the services they provide as well as the products they sell. They have a wide range of options from sunless tanning to the most powerful beds in the industry. Their offer a wide range of lotions that REALLY work and are worth the hefty price tag. I’ve bought other lotions for more money that did nothing at all to improve my tanning experience. I cannot think of the name of the lotion I use, but it’s a self tanner with a booster that gives my skin a rich, bronze, sun-kissed glow that I love. $65 may seem like a lot, but it requires very little to cover my entire body. They have samples you can try out before you make the plunge and invest in a product which is always a plus. I heard someone complain about the hours, but it was 15 minutes! If the complaint was regarding an hour I might understand…but 15 minutes? Come on! Closing time is closing time. Respect their hours and their long work days and get there in time to finish your session or whatever before they close for the day. Besides, you’re not going to find a better tanning salon. (Sorry, I don’t like whiny “Karen’s”)

Vincent gianninoto on Nov 03, 2018
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The best tanning experience, you will ever have. Great customer service, unbelievable prices. It's 98 out today, I went to tan and then I went fo a swim

Catherine L. on Feb 24, 2022
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I went there for my brothers wedding and the girl behind the desk was helpful and the place was clean.

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