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Our vast variety of tanning skincare products will benefit anyone, whether they are regular tanners, sporadic tanners, sunless tanners, or not a tanner!

At South Beach, we carry only the best products that are committed to skincare and dedicated to bringing you the highest quality tanning and skin care products on the market.

Our customers deserve the choice of higher quality aloe-based or coconut juice-based products than the standard water-based lotion most found in our industry.

Whether it is Devoted Creations or Ed Hardy, you can be rest assured that you will achieve the best color possible. Remember, the best way to maintain your tan is to keep your skin replenished and moisturized.

Our products contain the very best skincare ingredients to help nourish, hydrate, and moisturize the skin. Tanning isn’t just about achieving that beautiful bronze color; it is about investing in your skin.

Are you unsure about which lotion is right for you? Our knowledgeable staff can help assist you in deciding on the right products for you and your tanning/skincare routine!


Pure accelerators are going to be your purest form of lotion. They blend melanin stimulants, skincare ingredients, anti-aging peptides, and moisturizers to give a stain free, streak free finish.

Accelerators will give you more of what your skin lacks to naturally accel your tan and give you more natural color. These are perfect for any skin type or skin tone. They are versatile products and can be used indoor/outdoor as well as at home to moisturize your skin daily.

Are you a spray tanner or cocktail tanner? We have a variety of accelerators that are also spray friendly!

Maliblue Fast Acting Color Correcting Anti-Orange Tan Enhancer Infused with Coconut and Plum Formulated for Indoor & Outdoor Use This blue hued dark tanning formula will nourish, hydrate and counteract any orange tones and help to correct any skin imperfections. If ‘Just from the Beach’ bronze color is what you crave… take a Trip to Maliblue™!
Turquoise Temptation™ Cucumber & Aloe Cooling Infused Hydra-Dark Optimizer This cool cucumber and aloe blend with added super smoothie antioxidant complex will immerse your skin with calm, cool, color! This lightweight formula is ready to enhance your results in and out of the salon. Are ready to drench your skin in refreshing hydration, then take a dip and submerge yourself!
Turquoise Temptation™
#Tanlife™ Hypoallergenic, <br/>
Super Soft Hydrating<br/>
Golden Tanning Butter<br/>
<span>Sensitive Skin Formula</span> This Luxurous tanning butter will leave even the driest and most sensitive skin hydrated, and touch-ably soft. This thick, rich butter is formulated with shea butter to softly melt into the skin. Isn't it time you gave your skin the treatment is deserves? Hydrate, bronze and protect... Go ahead, live the #Tanlife™
Opalescent™ Highlighting<br/>
4K Indoor/Outdoor<br/>
Skin Luminizer Our revolutionary 4K blend will soften, focus and illiminate to transform fine lines, wrinkles and pores for a more tightened and smooth appearance. The reflective radiance of our light defusing micro pearl work to refract light while creating powdery soft transparent coverage to filter out skins imperfections for a more refined appearance to the skin.
Blonde Obsession™ Sexy, Plateau-Breaking Maximizer, Spiked with Cellulite Fighting & Skin Firming Technologies<br/>
<span>*Gluten & Oil Free*</span> This Dark tanning maximizer utilizes the skin toning and tightening benefits of Revita Fit™, Ideal Lift™ and Body Fit™ to fight sking´s sagging, reduce the apearance of ceññulite and restore firmness to the skin. Intense tanning stimulators ensure a perfect tan, the powerful anti-aging benefits of Matrixyl Synthe 6™ keeping your skin sexy, vibrant and youthful.
Blonde Obsession™
DC Glow Tan Enhancing Whipped Body Crème
<span>With Richly Concentrated Pore Shrinking, Wrinkle-Fighting, Skin Contouring & Redefining Agents</span> Formulated with elite levels of highly sought-after skin perfecting ingredients known to shrink pore size, fight wrinkles, tighten, tone and contour the skin for a more youthful, radiant and hydrated appearance. For the crème de la crème of color, step into the spot light, it is your turn to Glow Baby Glow!
DC Glow
Prismatica™ Full Spectrum Light<br/>
Enhancing Color<br/>
Creator This formula is designed to work with Blue light, Red light and UV light to help you archive high intensity results!

Formulated with pH balancing agents, plateau breakers and an electrolyte cocktail Prismatica™ will penetrate quickly into the skin so you are able to receive unmatched results from every session.
H.I.M. Fit™ Weightless Cooling Dark Tanning Serum HIM Fit™ is formulated to tan and hydrate men’s stubborn skin while absorbing instantly to avoid excess rubbing or left-over residue. HIM Fit™’s unique cooling indoor/outdoor formula eliminates after-tan odor while protecting the life of your tan and your tattoos.
H.I.M. Fit™
W2Bronze: Tingle™ Ultra Fast, Darkening <br/>
Tigle Lotion
<span>With Black Tea & Cranberry</span> This new tingle tanning lotion is for formulated with more body heat tinglers and color boosters allowing your tan to go 3 shades darker! Higher amounts Black Tea and Cranberry extracts will keep your skin at ample hydration levels allowing your tan to last days longer, and ultra-hydrated more even looking color.
W2Bronze: Tingle™
W2Bronze: Coastal™ Nautically Infused<br/>
Aquatic Coastal Color<br/>
Creator This blue hued coastal color creator utilizes nautical oils and extracts to infuse the skin with deep dark results without the use of bronzing agents. Added color correctors plus healing and calming properties ensure this seaside standout leaves you with soft, smooth skin.
W2Bronze: Coastal™
Dare to be Dark™ Creamy & Clear<br/>
Pure Tanning Optimizer Free of: Parabens, Soy, Wheat, Fragance, Nuts, Oils and Talc's Vegan Hypoallergenic Formula for mega moisture and purely perfect color without unnecessary additives, the choice is clear!

This anti-reddening skin-loving formula utilizes soothing cucumber extracts, vital vitamins and detoxifying green clay.
Dare to be Dark™
Devoted Herbal CBD Moisturizer™ Micro Infused with Essential Oils and Extracts for maximum hydration and absorption Formulated for daily use, Added Citrus and Mint extract make this unique lotion your best bud for anytime your skin needs maximum hydration. Natural oils and extracts, combined with calming
lavender, hemp seed and coconut essential oils allow your skin to drift off into a realm of relaxation.
Devoted Herbal CBD Moisturizer™
You Can't Swim With Us™ Coconut Juice Infused, <br/>Dramatically Dark Tan<br/> Enhancer • Pink Hued  Infused with Champagne and Coffee extracts to tone, tighten and firm... because, when it comes to your skin being flawlessly fabulous, the limit just does not exist. Added mer-mazing not so basic anti-aging and cellulite fighting ingredients are blended with vitamins and nutrients so your skin stays, like, really pretty. With this Pink hued super trendy, oh so fetch
You Can't Swim With Us™
Pink Palms™ Sunny & Chic Dark Tan Enhancer in a Hypoallergenic Sensitive Skin Formula Utilizing Himalayan pink sea salt and pink grapefruit extracts this glowing formula will help detoxify, even out skins tone and texture while loading your skin with advanced antioxidants. It’s time to say “Bon Voyage” to pale by taking the trip to an endless summer with Pink Palm™.
Pink Palms™


We offer three different types of bronzing lotions!

Natural bronzers contain plant derived ingredients, flower extracts, caramel extracts, banana peel extracts, and different oils to naturally brown the skin.

Cosmetic bronzers are going to have a tint of color. No matter how dark the color, it is a cosmetic bronzer! Cosmetic bronzers help to apply lotion more evenly and give instant gratification and results. These are great for customers on the go who want to see some immediate color.

DHA bronzers are known as self-tanning bronzing lotions. DHA bronzers are colorless and odorless. These bronzers react with the amino acids in the keratin of your skin to produce a brown color.

DHA bronzers will gradually develop color over a few hours and the color will last a few days. Are you a spray tanner or cocktail tanner? We have a variety of bronzers that are also spray friendly!

Somewhere on a Beach Indoor/Outdoor Instant Dark Tanning Cocktail Infused with Coconut Oils & Sea Buckthorn. This intoxicating tropical formula will keep your skin hydrated, toned and tanned! If you’re looking for the perfect tanning cocktail, then order up a bottle of liquid sunshine. With Somewhere On A Beach, it’s TAN o’clock ALWAYS!
Somewhere on a Beach
Yes Way Rosé Champagne & Diamond Infused Skin Contouring Matte Finish Bronzer Our rich Diamond and Champagne skin perfecting complex allows you to celebrate the skin you’re in! Treat yourself to the royalty of the finer things in life with skin tighteners, toners, mattifying and deep bronzing elixirs that are sure to leave your tan with that sparkling POP!
Yes Way Rosé
Fuel My Fire Insane levels of DHA, Natural & Cosmetic Bronzers
<span>Hot Action Tingle Formula Hemp Seed Oil hydrators</span> This revolutionary triple bronzing lotion is loaded with antioxidants and skin nourishing vitamins to hydrate, darken and protect the life of your tan. For a blazing bronzer hotter than you’ve ever experienced before – add some Fuel to your Fire!
Fuel My Fire
Neon Rose™ Streak-Free/Stain-Free Radiant Natural Bronzers Infused with Luxurious Rose & Coconut for Petal Soft Skin. This color captivating formula is perfect for the girl on the go! Exotic Japanese rose and rose hip seed oil will leave skin stunningly, silky smooth.
Neon Rose™
Black Velvet™ Instant Activation – Anti-orange Mattifying Black Bronzer Contains instant dark tan activators that allow you to see color much quicker, while also building a deep, long lasting bronzed result in just 2 hours! Enriched with black charcoal and
blue tansy extracts, this velvety soft black bronzer will detoxify, color correct and protect the skin from developing any orange hues.
Black Velvet™
Indigo Illusion™ Color Correcting & Anti-Orange Blue Hued Bronzing Blend Devoted Creations™ revolutionary new formula will bathe the skin in picture perfect DHA bronzers while the blue tansy extracts will help to counteract any orange tones in the skin so you develop flawless, natural, just from the beach color.
Indigo Illusion™
Dark AF™ Transfer Resistant<br/>
Advanced Formula <br/>Dark Bronzer It's time to get Dark AF™

This Advanced Formula utilizes high amount of bronzers to deliver daringly dark color! Loaded with powerful electrolytes, tattoo and color fade protectors as well as skin tightening and toning benefits your skin is sure  to be left smooth, soft and supple.
Dark AF™
Sunset Strip™ Red Carpet Ready<br/>
DHA Free Brozing<br/>
Elixir With Brillance<br/>
Boosting BB Cream This Fame induced notable natural brozer will deliver nightlife ready results with-out the use of self-tanning agents. This allows for glamorously impressive results with the use of glowing mega moisturizers, acclaimed antioxidants and prominent color correctors so your skin is radiantly red carpet ready!
Sunset Strip™
Bronze Confidential™ Lavish Deluxe Ultra Rich<br/>
Brozer embellished<br/>
with Beatifying Plant <br/>
Based Stem Cells This extravagant brozing elixir is adorned with plant based stem cell extract, sugarcane squalane, organic grape water prebiotics, velvety vegan collagen an electrolyte cocktail blend to elegantly enhance and beatify your complexion.
Bronze Confidential™
Devoted Herbal <br/>CBD Special Edition™ 1000 MG CBD Formula:
Ultra - Black Bronzing<br/>
Blend - Dark Tan Amplifying<br/>
oH Balancing - Argan Oil Hydration<br/>
Micro Infused with Essential Oils and <br/>
Extracts for maximum hydration and absorption
</span> Natural acne combating oils and extracts,  combined with calming lavender, hemp seed, argan and coconut essential oils allow your skin to drift off into a realm of relaxation. Formulated with ginger root extracts to open pores and create maximum absorption for this unique power packed 1000mg CBD Isolate Formula.
Devoted Herbal
CBD Special Edition™
Filthy Rich™ Exclusive Ultra Rich<br/>
Bronzing Lotion<br/>
Formulated for<br/>
the tanning Elite
 This incredible rare formula leaves nothing to the imagination! Utilizing luxurious Vegan Collagen, extravagant Squalene™ extracts and most sought after, grand electrolyte rich cocktail blend this once in a lifetime lotion will reward your skin with the royal treatment reserved only for the most privileged clientele. It is time to reap the rewards you deserve!
Filthy Rich™
Moroccan Midnight™ Brilliantly Ultra Dark<br/>
DHA-Free Bronzing<br/>
Lotion Rich Argan Oils, Kakadu Plum extracts and Revolutionary Plum & Almond Oils will insure your skin stays luminous, supple and glowing. DHA-Free natural bronzing agents envelop the skin in streak-free/stain-free color that add rich dark bronzing results to any skin type.
Moroccan Midnight™
Ignite Noir Hottest Tingle – Blackest Bronzing Lotion
<span>Scientific Breakthrough Formula-Oxygen Enhanced </span> This hot action tingle is a breakthrough formula that will activate an intense skin inferno in even the most experienced tingle connoisseurs. Kollaren™ and Freshtek™ are coupled together to fight wrinkles and eliminate after tan odor. Deep penetrating black bronzers will counteract the reddening caused from the high tingle concentration.
Ignite Noir
Color Me Coco™ Instant Coconut Infused Bronzing Lotion Lush Light Enhancers This natural bronzing formula will give your skin a sun-drenched glow without the use of any self-tanning agents. Light activated Photosomes will work to improve skins elasticity and tone while boosting suppleness and promoting a more youthful appearance.
Color Me Coco™
Black Obsession Ultra-Mattifying Black Bronzer 
<span>Plateau-Breaking, Anti-Orange Technology 24-Hour Moisture System</span> This hand crafted, unique formula will deliver the darkest, deepest results instantly while counteracting any orange tones in the skin. This 24-hour moisture blend will deeply hydrate and nourish the skin, and also help to prolong your tanning results. It doesn’t get better than this, and with Black Obsession it doesn’t get any DARKER than this!
Black Obsession
Fortune™ Revolutionary Grand Noir Bronzers This rich bronzing formula will not only produce magnificent dark results, but it will work to protect, tighten, tone and keep skin ultra-youthful with its exorbitant amount of advanced anti-aging properties. This affluent formula is multifaceted for the client that demands excellence.
H.I.M. Billionaire™ Ultra-Exclusive Rich<br/>
Bronzing Formula<br/>
Opulent Color<br/>
Extenders This exquisite blend is overflowing with complexion perfecting, toning, wrinkle reducing and color correcting agents so you are left with the sought after, envy worthy skin only some can dream of. If what you seek is prosperous results that are rich and rare, then look no further than HIM Billionaire™

H.I.M. Billionaire™
H.I.M. Atlantic™ Transfer Resistant<br/>
White Bronzer Age<br/>
Defense Formula Anti-orange technologies and revolucionary color correctos make HIM Atlantic™ your ultimate wing-man to the ideal tan! Detoxify pores, reduce excess oil and hydrate while utilizing anti-inflammatory and anti-reddening properties to improve the overall appearance and feel of your skin.
H.I.M. Atlantic™
W2Bronze: Violet™ Superior Advanced<br/>
Ultra-Black Bronzing Lotion<br/>
<span>"Go 3 Shades Darker - INSTANTLY"</span> Formulated with more accelerators, darker DHA and natural bronzers will allow you to go 3 shades darker - Instantly! Added violet tones will help to counteract orange tones in the skin so you develop dark, bronzed, envy-worthy results- every time! For fast, dark results and ultra-hydrated skin- the choice is simple- W2B Violet™!
W2Bronze: Violet™
Girls Just Wanna Have Sun™ Streak & Stain Free<br/> Glam Girl Approved <br/>Natural Bronzer This color / contour formula, infused with minerals and vitamins, will give you the color and view to be the envy of your tribe!

If you are looking to upgrade to #GirlsBoss status, remember, some girls are made of sugar and spice, but DC girls are born with sunshine as their voice!
Girls Just Wanna Have Sun™
Aquaholic™ Skin Softening, GoldenTa nning Lotion, Coconut Milk & Coconut Oil for Age Defying & Intense Skin Hydration Bathe your skin in streak-free, stain-free ultra-moisturizing DHA free bronzers. This extra hydrating formula will drench the skin in coconut juice, coconut water and coconut oils for longer lasting, super soft results. Added quad acceleration blend will super surge your tan for a dive into deeper, dark sun kissed results.
Chronic Color™ Natural Botanical<br/> Bronzer with 675 MG <br/>of THC Free CBD <br/>Cannabis Complex  This botanical blend utilizes natural bronzing agents for deep, dark results without the use of selftanners. Concentrated levels of CBD isolate allow for a relaxing, calming and restorative session. Age-defying anti-inflammatory agents and blemish balanc-ing properties allow your skin to be boosted to new tanning heights!
Chronic Color™
Triple Black™ Instant Dark Color —<br/>Anti-orange Technology —<br/>
Skin Firming Black Bronzer <br/>Tattoo Protecting <br/>& Color Prolonging Formula  This ultra-black formula utilizes 4 dark tan activators and 2 melanin stimulators to ensure your skin gets superior dark color that lasts days longer than the competition! Anti-Orange technologies plus tattoo and color fade protectors allows your skin to develop flawless, instant dark color after every session.
Triple Black™
Desired Darkness™ Rapid Release Ultra<br/> Extreme Black Bronzer <br/>Tattoo & Color Fade <br/>Protecting Formula  Desired Darkness™ is now only 1 session away! This ultra-bronzing formula utilizes ultimate darkening agents, powerful antioxidants, intense skin softeners and maximum amounts of black bronzers to leave your skin with the darkness you desire!
Desired Darkness™
Poolside Prosecco Streak-free/ Stain-Free Bronzing Cocktail for an instant POP of Color! Champagne infused soft tanning butters bathe the skin in superior hydration while providing a more toned and tightened appearance. This instant bronzing formula will give you that fun in the sun result without streaking or staining. It’s time to dive deep for the color you seek, so take a dip into Poolside Prosecco™
Poolside Prosecco
Coming In Hot™ Thermal Active Hot Action Black Bronzer
<span>with Detoxifying Black Charcoal & Black Tea Extracts</span Thermal active warming blend will stimulate the oxygen in the skin for the darkest, most even, long lasting color on the market! Black Charcoal and Black Tea extracts work to detoxify, purify, and pull impurities from the skin. With Coming in HOT!™ you hit the color jackpot!
Coming In Hot™
Bali Beach™ Coconut Infused Black Bronzer
<span>Macadamia Nut Oil + Jackfruit & Guava Extracts</span Lay back, relax and daydream of beach tides and good vibes! This fruit and nut enhanced, double dark stimulating bronzer will give you straight from the island color after every session. If you have sunshine on the mind then take a Bali break and don’t worry, beach happy!
Bali Beach™
Maui Mood™ Tropical Tanning  Beach Bronzer With Guava, Starfruit & Macadamia Nut Extracts Tropical Guava and Starfruit extracts, combined with Macadamia and Coconut extracts help to bask the skin in native hydration, potent antioxidant benefits and vital skin vitamins to help maximize and prolong the life of your tan. With Maui Mood™, your golden hour starts right now! Mai Tai and Lu’au are not included. Aloha!
Maui Mood™
Waikiki Weekend™ Pacific Paradise Natural <br/>Beach Bronzing Cocktail<br/> Infused with Juicy Guava,<br/> Macadamia Nut and <br/>Hibiscus Extracts This tropical indoor/outdoor natural bronzing cocktail will provide lush luau color without the use of self-tanning agents. Infused with juicy Guava extracts, nourishing Macadamia Nut oils and Hawaiian Hibiscus extracts your skin is left soft, smooth and supple with essential hydration!
Waikiki Weekend™


We like to call our tan extenders PTEMs. This stands for professional tan extending moisturizer. Our PTEMs are aloe-based daily lotions that lock in your skincare ingredients, anti-aging ingredients, and enhance the look and life of your tan.

They are free of harsh alcohols and mineral oil which are mostly found in OTC body lotions. They will provide intense hydration, feed and nourish the skin, and are loaded with antioxidants to help with free radical damage.

Daily moisturizing is vital for healthy skin and is important for tanners because to achieve and maintain a long-lasting beautiful tan you need hydrated skin! Invest in your skincare and try one of our high-end PTEMs today!

Cloud Kissed
Cloud Kissed
Sunkissed Sweet Tea
Sunkissed Sweet Tea
HIM Hydrate
HIM Hydrate
Barefoot Beachwood
Barefoot Beachwood
Seaside Sunset Ultra-Nourishing, After Sun Daily Moisturizer
<span>Infused with Sea Salt, Coconut and Sea-toxifying Seaweed & Starfruit</span> This ultra-hydrating formula is ideal for anytime your skin needs extra hydration. Seaside Sunset™ utilizes the deeply nourishing natural ingredients Sea Salt, Coconut Oil, and Cucumber in an Aloe Vera based crème designed for results you can see and feel. Added Seaweed and Starfruit extracts detoxify to keep skin ultra-soft.
Seaside Sunset
Butter Rum Bliss™ Miraculously Melting<br/>
Rich Herbal Body<br/>
Crème Immerse yourself in a probiotic infused blend that utilizes Magnesium, Turmeric & Marshmallow extracts to help boost skins immunity, provide detoxing benefits, as well as help to b<span class="ignored">ala</span>nce all skin types. This abundantly lavish formula is garnished with a generous amount of CBD for a calming herbal sensation.
Butter Rum Bliss™
Bourbon & Honey Ultra- Hydrating Super Rich 24 Hour Nourishing Cream It’s time to wet your whistle with a splash of an old fashioned favorite! This ultra-rich hydrating formula is muddled with wheat, rye, and honey extracts to tighten, tone and fight the signs of aging. This cream deeply rehydrates dry and damaged skin. For classic, refined results... Be someone’s shot of bourbon instead of everyone’s cup of tea.
Bourbon & Honey
Saltwater Sundays Infused with Sea Salt, Coconut and a shot of Vitamin Sea
<span>Ultra-Nourishing After Sun Daily Moisturizer</span> This replenishing formula is ideal after sun exposure or anytime you need extra hydration. Saltwater Sundays™ utilizes the deeply nourishing natural ingredients: Sea Salt, Coconut Oil, and Cucumber in an Aloe Vera based créme designed for results you can see and feel. Relax and replenish!
Saltwater Sundays
Coral Colada™ Skin Quenching & Replenishing After Sun Daily Moisturizer This ultra-replenishing formula is ideal for anytime your skin needs extra hydration. Coral Colada™ utilizes a tropical cocktail of Monoi Butters, Coconut Oils and Acai Berry extracts infused in an Aloe Vera based crème designed for smooth and soft long lasting hydration.
Coral Colada™
Devoted Herbal CBD Moisturizer™ Micro Infused with Essential Oils and Extracts for maximum hydration and absorption Formulated for daily use, Added Citrus and Mint extract make this unique lotion your best bud for anytime your skin needs maximum hydration. Natural oils and extracts, combined with calming
lavender, hemp seed and coconut essential oils allow your skin to drift off into a realm of relaxation.
Devoted Herbal CBD Moisturizer™
Enchanted Emerald <br/>Body Wash™ Brilliance Boosting<br/>
Nutrient Infused<br/>
Body Wash This tan-extending formula utilizes Regal Raspberry and charming Cactus Water to envelop your skin in a lush empire of electrolytes for worship-worthy results! This brilliant blend is hand crafted with only the finest of treasured, fragrant and luxurious nutrients to ensure this precious potion will leave you silky and soft.
Enchanted Emerald
Body Wash™
Coconut Krem<br/>Body Wash™ Coconut Infused<br/>
Mega Moisturizing<br/>
Body Wash This velvety wash helps to lock in moisture so skin stays touchably smooth. Added Silk Proteins and Cactus Water work to boost collagen levels, deeply hydrate and give you the ultra-quenching electrolytes your skin demands.

Enhanced with Coconut Oils for a smooth, picture-perfect finish.
Coconut Krem
Body Wash™