Frequently Asked Questions…

    • Do I need an appointment?
    • Do I really need to wear eyewear while tanning indoors?
    • Do I really need to use lotion when tanning indoors?
    • What should I wear in the tanning bed?
    • Should I do the maximum session time on my first visit?
    • How long does it take to get a tan?
    • How often must I tan to maintain by tan?
    • What are the potential health benefits of tanning?
    • I am very concerned about burning. Should I just avoid tanning all together?
    • I am pregnant, can I still tan?
    • I have to bring my kids when I come to tan, can I leave them in the lobby
      or bring them in the room with me?
    • I wear contact lenses; can I wear them when I Tan?
    • How can I be sure the beds are clean?
    • I absolutely cannot get a tan from the sun, can I develop a tan in a tanning bed?
    • I am trapped in a long-term membership at another salon, but all my friends are
      tanning at your stores, what can I do?
    • Your salons are extremely unique and upscale.
      How do I get information about owning a South Beach Tanning Factory of my own?