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No! All of our South Beach Tanning Company locations are very large, often 2 or 3 times the size of your ordinary salon. Each level of tanning contains multiple tanning units so no appointment is ever necessary. In fact, since we don’t take appointments we are able to get clients into their rooms much quicker, so wait time in rarely as issue.

Yes. Your eyes are very sensitive to UV light. Since your eyelids are the thinnest skin on your body, the UV light can penetrate that skin to the surface of your eyes. The FDA requires that all tanners wear FDA approved eyewear when tanning indoors. Placing a towel over your face or sunglasses are not always enough protection.

It is also now suggested by the health department that individuals purchase their own personal set of eye protection. Recent studies suggest that the cold and flu virus can be transmitted from borrowed eyewear, even after it has been sanitized.

We at South Beach Tanning Company carry a complete line of both standard and custom eye protection, with all of them costing only a few dollars.

The most important reason for using a tanning lotion is that it replaces the depleted moisture that you lose during the tanning process. Dry skin reflects UV light, so if you are not using an indoor tanning lotion, you can be wasting up to 50% of your tanning session.

To learn more about the benefits of lotion and healthy skin, visit are Lotion Education Page.

Each of our tanning units are in there own private room. Because of this you can choose to wear, or not wear, whatever you feel most comfortable in. If tanning in the nude, be sure to reduce exposure times on those areas that may not have seen the sun in a while.

This depends on your skin type. Any member of our trained South Beach Staff will go over your skin type with you and determine the best amount of time you should start off with. Remember, we don’t want you to burn. If you burn, you won’t be able to come back until it heals.

If you do well on your first time in the tanning bed and don’t experience any redness, our staff will start gradually increasing your exposure time until you reach the maximum time for that particular unit.

You will see some color after only your first session. After about 3 or 4 sessions you will see you are on your way to building your base tan.

Once you have achieved your desired tan maintaining it becomes relatively easy. Depending on the equipment you choose to use will vary the frequency you need to tan in order to maintain your new tan. In our level 1 equipment we generally recommend 2 to 3 times per week. In our level 2 equipment it drops down to 1 or 2 visits a week. If high pressure is your thing, 2 or 3 times a month is all that is needed to maintain your golden brown tan.

Don’t be fooled by the numerical numbering system of our equipment. The level one, two and three does not necessarily mean a three is going to burn you faster than a one. (Actually, that is the furthest from the truth, you will burn less in a level 2 or 3 bed). Each piece of state of the art equipment has its own advantages over others. A member of our South Beach Staff will explain this to you upon your initial visit.

There is considerable research going on in the research of the benefits of UV exposure. It is a known fact that UV light is the main source of vitamin D for humans. Vitamin D is necessary for good health, bone formation and repair, and for the absorption of calcium in the body.

There are also numerous other reasons, both physical and psychological, why exposure to ultraviolet light may be desirable.

To learn more about ongoing research and possible benefits of UV exposure, please visit our “UV in the News” page.

As with anything you do, moderation is the key to ensuring a tan without burning. Any member of our Smart Tan certified staff will evaluate your skin type upon your first visit. Based on your skin appearance and answers to a few simple questions, our staff will provide you with the best exposure time to get you started with. As you continue to tan, you will be able to slowing increase your session times, taking you each time closer to the desired tan you are looking to achieve.

Absolutely!! All of our memberships and sessions are useable at any location you desire. In fact, most of our locations are networked together, so just give your last name and your account will automatically be pulled up, regardless of what store you are at.

UV exposure from the tanning equipment can not affect any tissue below the surface layer of the skin. The main concern with pregnant women is the extra heat involved with tanning. For this reason we do advise you consult with your medical doctor before continuing with any tanning regimen. Keep in mind we can freeze or hold your memberships or sessions until after the birth of your baby. We also recommend using the UV Free VersaSpa if you are pregnant as there is no heat involved.

Your kids are more than welcome to sit in the lobby and wait for you. They must be of an age that they are able to watch out for themselves. While our staff will do there best to keep an eye on them, they are working so it cannot be the responsibility of them or of South Beach Tanning Company for the safety of your children. If your children are to young to sit quietly on their own, we would recommend bringing a friend along who can watch them.

As for bringing your children in the room, the FDA strictly prohibits this. It is not good for the eyes of young children to be exposed to ultraviolet light.

There is no reason why you cannot wear your contact lenses while you tan. If you find the heat generated by the tanning bed is causing drying and discomfort, you may wish to remove them on your next visit.

Simple! Make sure we have an updated and correct mailing address for you in our computer system and make sure we have a valid email. We mail great specials periodically through-out the year and we send out email only coupons usually once a month. You don’t want to miss out on these great deals.

At South Beach Tanning Company, cleanliness of our equipment and facility is our top priority. Each member of our South Beach staff receives ongoing training and reviews as to our cleaning system. After each and every tanning session, the equipment is cleaned by a member of our staff with only an FDA approved cleaning solution. This solution is the strongest cleaning solution on the market. The solution is tested periodically throughout the day to ensure its proper sanitizing properties are present. Further, we are regulated by the State Health Department and must follow their rigorous guidelines as it pertains to cleanliness.

If at any time you feel there may be a problem with your bed, any member of our South Beach Staff will be happy to go over our cleaning procedures with you and clean your bed again.

While we will gladly try to set you up on a program to see if we can develop a tan for you from use of the beds; however, in most cases, if you cannot achieve any kind of tan from the sun, it is unlikely you will be able to from the use of a tanning bed. If this is the case we would recommend the use of our UV-Free VersaSpa.

Easy! There is likely an earlier cancellation fee you will have to pay to get out of your current contract. Just bring is in a copy of your cancellation receipt, sign up for our membership, and we will give you double the amount you just paid to cancel at your other store. This amount will appear as prepaid dollars on your account and can be used for anything from lotion products to equipment upgrades.

And don’t worry, we don’t have any long-term commitments as some of our competitors do.

South Beach Tanning Company is currently offering qualified individuals the opportunity to expand with us and own an award winning, exciting salon that will be second to none in your area. The preliminary responses to the news of us offering franchises have been overwhelming, and with the interest being generated that we have already seen, we are expecting to see South Beach Tanning Company explode into one of the top salon chains very quickly.

South Beach Tanning Company is promising to deliver a streamlined, easy to use system that takes you from site selection, thru build-out and on to an exciting, upscale and unique salon that you can call your own.

If you would like to receive more information about owning your own South Beach, please click here to fill out an information request form. You can also browse our franchise information site to learn more about how we have clearly distinguished South Beach from the rest of the competition.

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